VCCS Academic Management Seminar (VAMS) for
New Deans and Directors 

(Offered by Old Dominion University)

VAMS is a 3-day seminar that focuses on the nuts and bolts of effective management to be successful as a new dean, director, or mid-level administrator. It involves practical, informative, and interactive sessions led by experienced VCCS administrators covering: 

  • VCCS Organization, Structure, & Governance. How the dean’s and director’s role and responsibilities fit into the VCCS and external structures and governance.
  • Budgeting & Resource Management. How to understand how the budget works and project budgets specific to a dean’s or director’s responsibilities.
  • Data Informed Decision-Making & Planning. How to use VCCS data and technical systems for informed decision-making and planning as a dean or director.
  • Management & Supervision. How to manage change and supervise employees effectively as a dean or director.
  • Conflict Management & Difficult Conversations. How to have difficult conversations and manage conflicts that arise in your role as a dean or director.
  • Policies, Procedures, & Legal Issues. How to interpret and apply policies specific to the dean’s and director’s responsibilities 
  • Strategy & Change Management. How to be strategic and manage change as a dean or director.

Cost of Program: $295/person (plus travel expenses), program fee is paid to Old Dominion University

Application Process: Click HERE for more information and to register

Dates: Fall 2018