Regional Centers

The Regional Centers for Teaching Excellence offer professional development that address the teaching, learning, and technology education needs of faculty; to promote interdisciplinary knowledge and resource sharing on topics of regional and system-wide importance.

While programs are offered by region, any VCCS faculty, administrator, or staff may register and attend sessions at any Center.

If applicable, travel costs are the responsibility of the attendee.



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Each Center is led by a Chair who coordinates several development programs and events for faculty at colleges in the region.
The current Regional Chairs are listed below by region.


Central Virginia Region

Chair: Michael Babcock
Associate Instructor, English, CVCC

This region includes: BRCC, CVCC, DCC, DSLCC, PHCC, and VWCC.


Mid-Central Virginia

Chair: Donna Levy
Associate Professor, English, JSRCC

Mid-Central Teaching Excellence Blog

This region includes: JTCC, PVCC, RCC,


Northern Virginia

Chair: Patrick Dawes
Associate Professor, Biology, NVCC

Northern Region Teaching Excellence blog

This region includes: GCC, LFCC, and NVCC.


Southwest Virginia Region

Chair: Tracy McAfee
Associate Professor, Communication Studies & Theatre, WCC

This region includes: MECC, NRCC, SWCC, VHCC, and WCC.


Tidewater Virginia

Chair: Amy Anderson
Assistant Professor, Paralegal/Legal Studies, TNCC

This region includes: ESCC, PDCCC, TCC, and TNCC.

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