Chancellor’s Faculty Fellowship Program


The purpose of the Chancellor’s Faculty Fellowship is to ensure that capable people within the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) have opportunities to prepare themselves for top-level management and instructional positions within the VCCS. This can be accomplished by earning two types of doctoral degrees: community college leadership/higher education degrees or discipline-based degrees. To support this goal, the Chancellor’s Faculty Fellowship provides up to a one-year leave of absence with support for salary and expenses.  

The Award

The Chancellor’s Faculty Fellowship is awarded annually to no more than three outstanding professional educators in the VCCS. The award provides each recipient with:

  • a fellowship grant of $7,500 to cover the cost of attendance and related expenses, and
  • three-quarters salary and up to a one-year leave of absence from VCCS duties with continuation of insurance, retirement, seniority, and other VCCS employee benefits. Chancellor’s Faculty Fellows shall engage in full-time graduate study during the period of their award. Full-time graduate study includes the time the candidate is taking course work and/or working on the dissertation.



Full-time teaching, administrative, and professional faculty with unrestricted rank and salary proposals, a minimum of three academic years of full-time VCCS service, and who are recommended by the president of the employing institution (or by the Chancellor for a System Office faculty member) are eligible for the Chancellor’s Faculty Fellowship. Candidates must meet the specific requirements for admission to the doctoral programs of their institutions. Individuals selected as Chancellor’s Faculty Fellows shall be required to resume their employment with the VCCS for a period of at least twice the length of their fellowship (up to two years) following the completion of either the leave period or doctoral degree requirements. The recipients shall be expected to sign a Memorandum of Agreement and a Promissory Note, both of which are issued by the System Office.


Selection of each Chancellor’s Faculty Fellow is made by a committee comprised of one college president, one vice president or provost, chair of the Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Council, three members of the VCCS Professional Development Committee, and the Director of Faculty Development. Interviews of applicants may be required.


Financial support for each Chancellor’s Faculty Fellowship, exclusive of maintained benefits, is provided as follows:

  1. VCCS financial support of $7,500
  2. Four-year institution’s shared financial support of $5,000 at the six supporting colleges/universities (Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia; the Community College Program at the University of Texas; the National Center for Community College Education at George Mason University, the School of Education at The College of William and Mary, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Old Dominion University)
  3. Sponsoring college’s provision of ½ salary for the period of study
  4. VCCS System Office provision of ¼ salary for the proposed period of study (this amounts to a total benefit of ¾  salary to the recipient).


Application Process

The online application for the Chancellor’s Faculty Fellowship is available here: Chancellor’s Faculty Fellowship Application

The online application is to be submitted by 5:00 p.m. EST on February 1st each year. If due date falls on a weekend, the following Monday will serve as the due date. Applicants should note that occasionally colleges have internal deadlines for application processing for this award. Be sure to check with your college to make sure you are complying with any internal deadlines or processes. Applications must include the following documents, which should be scanned into PDF format and uploaded as part of the online application:

  • President’s letter of endorsement
  • Current transcript or acceptance letter (whichever is applicable). Students having completed course work toward their doctorate should submit a copy of their current transcript along with the materials. Students beginning their program should submit a copy of their acceptance letter into the program.
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Chancellor’s Faculty Fellowship Signature Sheet icon


Recipient Deliverables

Each Chancellor’s Faculty Fellow is required to submit one mid-term status report and one final report over the course of their tenure. These reports are due January 15 and June 15 in the year following the recipient’s selection.

Online submission forms for the status and final reports can be found here:




Prior to February 1st Applicant must be enrolled/accepted in doctoral program of study.
February 1st VCCS online application is to be submitted by 5:00 p.m. EST on February 1st each year. If due date falls on a weekend, the following Monday will serve as the due date.
May 1st The university confirms acceptance of the candidate in the program. The selection committee makes recommendations to the Chancellor.
May 15th The Chancellor makes decision on Fellowship Award recipients.
July 1 (award year) to June 30 (following year) Leave is to be taken and funds expended during this time.
January 15 (Year following award year) Recipients submit status report updating the the Office of Professional Development on their progress.
June 15 (Year following award year) Recipients submit final report updating the the Office of Professional Development on their progress.
August (Year following award year) Transfer of funds from System Office to college’s business office.